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Sumi-e Painting of a Rooster Using Its Calligraphy

A method overview course on painting/writing the Chinese calligraphy of the Rooster and applying it to make a Sumi-e painting.

I have created this course to give an overview and a demonstration of the method that I teach and I use in my own paintings. This method is unique, practical and very effective. It is geared towards teaching this mindful form of art, which is based on eastern culture and philosophies to people with western upbringing.

Unlike how Oriental brush painting is thought (by copying patterns and shapes) this method gives the student the real/authentic language of expression (the way of calligraphic writing) and also the ability to show his/her own vision.

To learn in-depth this mindful way of seeing and painting, I invite you to start with the “Essentials for Learning Sumi-e Painting” and continue in the order presented.